Our mulch is processed from local trees

and not pallets.

Sourced locally, produced locally and used locally!

Billy Goat Classics


Natural deep brown, double ground for optimum texture, cooked and ages to release natural tannins for deep rich color and nutrients to feed your plants.

Fresh Pile

Same double ground process, but without the aging process, resulting with a lighter natural wood color.

Billy Goat Colored


A deeper dark brown than

our premium classic


Our mulch is produced from local trees and not pallets or construction debris which can be toxic to some plants.  We recycle materials from arborists and landscapers. Rich with decomposed leaves and bark particles, our deep brown premium mulch self-colors through a natural cooking process, temperatures reaching to 170 degrees! This process releases natural tannins, nutrients and kills pathogens, weed seeds and prevents harmful compaction. Sourced locally, produced locally and used locally!

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